Mooloolah River Fisheries

Marina Services


Mooloolah River Fisheries Marina, services Mooloolaba’s commercial fishing vessel fleet, offering a 36 berth fishing vessel marina, commercial diesel supply, unloading wharf, ice making plant and supplies packaging, oil and chemical materials.

  • Mooring Facility
    • The commercial fishing vessel marina can berth up to 36 fishing vessels up to 25metres in length. All berths have 1 and 3 phase power facilities available for vessels. Moorings are available for day or monthly rates and power charges are metered.
  • Unloading Wharf
    • Mooloolah River Fisheries Marina can unload up to 3 fishing vessels simultaneously.
  • Commercial Diesel Supply
    • Commercial diesel volumes are available to fishing vessels requiring refuelling. Mooloolah River Fisheries Marina has 2 diesel bowsers allowing 2 vessels to refuel concurrently.
  • Ice Making Plant
    • Mooloolah River Fisheries ice making plant can produce 25 tonnes of bulk or bagged ice per day. Ice is available by bulk pumped direct onto fishing vessels or insulated bin, and by pallets of 10kg bags.
  • General Supplies
    • Packaging materials, chemicals and oils are available for fishing vessels.

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