Mooloolah River Fish Wholesale

Mooloolah River Fisheries Wholesale is a major supplier of Queensland Wild Caught Product to the wholesale seafood industry across Australia and internationally.

  • Australia Wide
    Mooloolah River Fisheries is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Queensland Wild Caught Eastern Ocean King Prawns and is a recognised reparable brand throughout Australia. Mooloolah River Fisheries brand is sold to both major seafood hubs and smaller organisations all throughout Australia.

  • Export
    Mooloolah River Fisheries exports our Queensland Wild Caught product to New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

  • Quality Assurance 
    Mooloolah River Fisheries takes pride in the high quality of our products with strict quality control policies and procedures. Our EU registered premises with HACCAP, AQIS and Safe Foods Queensland certification, ensures all products undergo a strict process Mooloolah River Fisheries has implemented to ensure optimum quality.

  • Queensland Wild Caught 
    All of Mooloolah River Fisheries prawns are sourced from the pristine waters of the Eastern Australian, Queensland Coast. There are several varieties of Australian prawns which are caught off the Queensland Coast from Torres Strait right down to the New South Whales border. Some major species are Tiger Prawn, Banana Prawn, Red Spot King Prawn, Endeavour Prawn and the most popular, Eastern Ocean Mooloolaba King Prawn.