• December seafood market update

December seafood market update

It’s show time, and at Superior Food Services, we have all the freshest, quality seafood products available for that quintessential Christmas and New Year’s buffet spread.


Image of a cooked barramundi flat on a board

Due to perfect weather conditions currently on the East Coast, we are seeing good availability of most reef species including Goldband, Red Emperor, Saddle Tail and Cod, which we expect to continue through to Christmas. The main variable on wild caught reef fish during this time of year is potential cyclones in Far North Queensland and Northern Territory interrupting supply and fishing operations, whilst farmed Barramundi is also under pressure with supply being tight nationally due to a colder than usual winter which has impacted the growth sizes of fish. Our seafood specialists have been working closely with our suppliers at Mooloolah River Fisheries however, to ensure that Superior Food Services have sufficient stock levels and the very best quality and range of products to meet your needs.


Photo is of a collection of prawns

Prawn fishing has ceased or will soon do so on the East Coast and in the Gulf of Carpentaria for Banana, Tiger and Endeavour prawns. Whilst East Coast Kings are still being targeted, catches are very limited with sizes being small, however Mooloolah River Fisheries will maintain supply to customers throughout summer. The final fishing season for the year is underway for SA King Prawns, with similar catches being reported to previous years.


Lobster is pictured in this image

Nothing makes a buffet or meal more delicious than seeing fresh, quality crustaceans on offer. We encourage you to order early to ensure you have ample stock as Sand Crabs (Blue Swimmer) are currently in short supply, along with Spanner Crabs also expected to become short in the coming weeks.


Image is of oysters ready to be served

Perfect as an entrée, steak topper or in any buffet, oysters are currently in good condition and supply. Whilst the market remains steady, we are expecting demand to increase as we get closer to Christmas.