• New Generation Plant Based Meat Alternatives now available at Superior Food Services

New Generation Plant Based Meat Alternatives now available at Superior Food Services

Millions of Australians are reducing their meat intake and interest in plant-based alternatives continues to gain considerable momentum** with New Generation plant-based products such as The Alternative Meat Co. delivering the driving force behind this huge interest and growth.

Plant Based Mince

Australia is the third fastest-growing market in the world for plant-based foods currently generating approx. $150 million in retail sales, and estimates predict the category to grow to $3 billion by 2030*.

All Alternative Meat Co. products are designed to mimic meat at both a sensory and functional level. They predominately appeal to Flexitarians and Meat Reducers who now make up the 1 in 3 Australians who are limiting their meat intake, with increased health benefits, animal welfare and environmental sustainability named as key reasons for people making the switch.

Plant Based Sausages

Created and produced locally in Australia by Life Health Foods, The Alternative Meats Co’s product range of burgers, mince and sausages is not only 100% plant-based but also packed with protein; and with their delicious meat-like taste and texture they are winning over the industry and consumers alike.

Plant Based Burger

The Alternative Sausage took home the award for ‘Best Vegan Meat’ at the 2019 PETA Australia Vegan Food Awards. The Alternative Burger, a generous burger patty oozing with ‘real’ beef flavour is a fan favourite, while The Alternative Mince is perfect for pasta or Mexican dishes. The range of Alternative Meat Co. products can be found on a growing list of café and restaurant menus nationally. Check out their website for more info and recipe ideas.

Plant Based Sausages

* ‘Meat the Alternative report’ economic modelling on Australia’s plant based meat sector conducted by Food Frontier 2019.

**’HUNGRY FOR PLANT-BASED: Australian Consumer Insights’ research conducted by Colmar Brunton October 2019

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